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Light Fittings & Accessories: Flourescent/Incandescent Fittings, Hight Intensity Discharge Type
Insulation: Hot, Cold, Personnel, Sound/Noise & Fire
Mechanical Corrosion Protection: Anti Slip
Marine System: Mooring Ropes & Wire Ropes
Hoses: SBM Hoses & Chemical Transfer
Seal: Mechanical & Packings
Rotating Equipment Compressors: Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Rotary/Screw & Air Compressors
Generators: Portable Generator Set & Skid Mounted Generator
Centrifugal Pump: Horizontal Heavy Duty Process API610, Horizontal General Purpose, High Speed
Rotary Pumps: Positive Displacement Screw, Positive Displacement Single Helical (MOHNO), Positive Displacement Lobe, Positive Displacement Sliding Vane, Positive Displacement Gear
Reciprocating Pumps: Horizontal Direct Steam Cylinder, Vertical Electric Motor Driven
Ball Valves: Less Than 50mm (Non-Firesafe) & Less Than 50mm (Firesafe), Greater Than 50mm (Non-Firesafe) & Greater Than 50mm (Firesafe),
Gate Valves: Less Than 50mm & Greater Than 50mm
Check Valves: Less Than 50mm & Greater Than 50mm, Duo Check Valves, Piston/Non-Slam Check Valves
Globe Valves: Less Than 50mm & Greater Than 50mm
Butterfly Valves:
Safety Relief Valves: Pilot Operated & Conventional
Choke Valves:
Needle Valves ( Non-Instrumental):
Plug Valves:
Vacuum/Breeder Valves:
Valves Locking/Interlocking Devices:
Steam Traps:
Pipeline Pig Products & Pipeline Pigging:
Rotating Equipment:
Heat Exchanger:
Marine Accommodations: